Lyme Connection is dedicated to preventing tickborne illness and providing patients and their families with support, information and resources. As families striken by illness ourselves, we want our community members to know how serious tick-borne diseases can be. And as former patients, we recognize how important it is to connect with fellow patients who can offer emotional support, validation and essential information.

BLAST Lyme Disease Prevention Program

The BLAST acronym stands for – Bathe after outdoor activity, Look for Ticks and rashes, Apply repellent, Spray the yard and Treat pets - highlights five key evidence-based steps research shows may reduce the risk of tick-borne illnesses. Our health educators travel to community events, schools and corporate settings to teach residents how to stay safe and quickly identify early symptoms. 

Pet Prevention

Support Groups

Lyme Connection offers monthly support groups. For some patients, simply connecting with other patients who can validate their experience is helpful, for others, learning about wellness tools such as Reiki and tapping is beneficial. Our goal is to help every patient feel supported in their effort to return to the best health in body, mind and spirit possible.

Programs and Events

Lyme Connection offers a number of free patient-focused events each year. Our highlight is the May Lyme Disease Awareness Month conference and health fair held at Western CT State University each Spring. Over 400 attendees and 30 exhibitors gather to hear the latest information from treating physicians, researchers and association leaders.

Professional Education

Many providers working in the Northeast are faced with the challenges of tick-borne diseases daily and are eager to stay abreast of the latest developments. Nationally recognized experts have generously joined our effort to provide a day-of-learning each Fall to accommodate their interest in ongoing education. Lyme Connection partners with the Leir Retreat Center to make this event possible.