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Physician Resources.

Please note, Lyme Connection is not affiliated with any health care practitioners or medical practices.
Diagnosis and treatment of Lyme and other Tick-borne diseases are complex and not all physicians are trained at recognizing and treating these diseases. To help locate a physician skilled and knowledgeable in this area you can go to:
We provide contact information for Lyme-treating physicians compiled from various sources, including feedback from patients and information provided by other Lyme disease support groups. Most of the doctors on our list are members of the International Lyme and Associated Diseases Society (ILADS). We will suggest providers located as close to you as our list permits.  Website   Contact

Lyme Disease Association
This system was developed to provide patients with names of physicians who are knowledgeable about chronic Lyme disease and often about many other tick-borne diseases. They are often referred to as Lyme Literate Physicians [LLMD]. Tens of thousands of patients have successfully used this system to locate a treating physician.  Website  Contact

International Lyme and Associated Diseases Society
ILADS is a nonprofit, international, multi-disciplinary medical society, dedicated to the diagnosis and appropriate treatment of Lyme and its associated diseases. ILADS promotes understanding of Lyme through research and education and strongly supports physicians and other health care professionals dedicated to advancing the standard of care for Lyme and its associated diseases.  Website  Contact